She Is Love (2022) | Trailer | Haley Bennett | Sam Riley | Marisa Abela


BIFA nominated filmmaker Jamie Adams’ intense and involving romantic drama SHE IS LOVE stars Haley Bennett (Cyrano, Swallow, The Girl on the Train & The Magnificent Seven) and BAFTA nominated and BIFA award-winner Sam Riley (Control, Free Fire & On the Road) as estranged lovers, who meet a decade after their split.

When Patricia (Haley Bennett) arrives at a country hotel in Cornwall, she encounters her ex husband Idris (Sam Riley) who manages the place with his girlfriend Louise (Marisa Abela, Industry). Things are immediately awkward and the former couple reconnect over a long, messy night where they revisit the past while remaining open to new beginnings.

In cinemas & on-demand Feb 3, 2023

British Cinematographer interview with Jan Vrhovnik on the making of She Is Love -